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When completed, the project will consist of:

  1. A seven (7) storey residential condominium building containing 78 units along the Red River at Taché Avenue and Rue Hébert;
  2. A pair of two storey mixed-use buildings each containing one mixed-use unit and one residential unit (live-work units) on Taché Avenue and Rue Darveau;
  3. A single two-family (duplex) building containing 2 residential units on Taché Avenue; and,
  4. Parking, landscaping and vehicular and pedestrian circulation accesses via Rue Hébert necessary for the development of these buildings.

The development aims to provide urban infill in a residential setting in two different ways:

  1. By providing increased density with a seven storey multi-family building positioned at the rear of site along the banks of the Red River; and,
  2. By infilling the Taché Avenue streetscape gaps and curb cuts with three new two-storey buildings; two of which will have potential to incorporate local commercial uses on the main floor and residential on the second floor.  All buildings will be “home scaled” and similar in character to the existing infill homes and traditional housing stock in the immediate area. By creating appropriately scaled new infill buildings, the Taché Avenue street edge will be re-established in a pedestrian friendly and context sensitive way.

The commercial component of the live-work units are intended to provide limited amenities such as office space, convenience store or small-scale retail shops to residents of the North St. Boniface neighbourhood as well as function for any future commercial uses that could be advantageous if the adjacent rapid transit corridor is developed.


In many ways, the design of the development was driven by the need to be compatible with, and sensitive to, the adjacent context, land uses and site limitations including;

  1. Two existing single family homes (839 and 843 Taché Ave.) which front onto Taché located in front of the development property and which have the right to have access to the rear of their properties via an existing paper “rear lane”;
  2. The Red River context and all implications of sites adjacent to waterways;
  3. The park context and all implications of sites adjacent to parks and existing public transit;
  4. The potential future transit corridor land that was included in the purchase of the property but is not considered buildable;
  5. A 10 foot construction easement adjacent to the potential future transit corridor on which permanent structures may not be built,
  6. The lack of site services including water.
  7. The high Line Rail Track.

As a result of these factors the the site plan for the proposed development (as proposed and awarded by the City of Winnipeg under EOI 617-2014) is compact and we are confident that this proposal optimizes the use of the property presently and into the future in a way that is transformative and beneficial to the neighbourhood and surrounding community.


Images of subject site and surrounding area.