The name has yet to be determined.

The City of Winnipeg issued an expression of Interest (EOI) 617-2014 for the lands known as 825 Taché Avenue, which was awarded to Sunstone Resort Communities.

On April 29, 2015 Council approved the sale of this land to Sunstone Resort Communities in accordance with the EOI.

Sunstone will close on the sale of the land and the lane after the approval of the development application.

Parking for this development will be accessed from Rue Hébert. There will be no additional driveways on Taché Avenue in conjunction with this development. To our knowledge, there will be no changes to parking restrictions in the neighbourhood.

There will be many positive benefits to the neighbourhood that are directly related to this development.  A sidewalk will be built along the west side of Taché from Rue Hebert to the existing public path south of the train tracks.  Curbs, boulevard grass and street lights will also be added along the west side of Taché and the south side of Hébert from Taché to the river making these street safer and more typical of residential Winnipeg urban cross-sections.  Infrastructure services, including water will be improved by extending a larger capacity line to the site.  Taché will also be re-paved between Darveau and Hebert as will Hebert west of Taché. The site itself will no longer be a visual “eye sore” in community with garbage and litter collecting here.

In conjunction with the development, a portion of the lands will become park space, adjacent to the existing riverside park space and trail.  As part of the development, we are committed to planting trees within the park space to increase the quality of the park and trail for all.

The opportunity for commercial space in this location on Taché will provide the community easy access to services that are within a much shorter travelling distance than the shops on Provencher.  The creation of units facing the street, including the townhouse-style units, will fill in the “missing gaps” along this stretch of Taché and provide a comfortable residential-scale walking environment for the community that is similar to other streets.

Of course, we realize that a few properties in particular with be very directly affected by both the  construction of the development as well as increased density that it will provide when completed.  We have reached out privately to these property owners in order to address their concerns regarding the future and on-going enjoyment of their properties.

Part of the subdivision includes providing portion the area closest to the river to the City for Public Reserve (PR-1) park space.  The construction of the development will have some impact on the existing trees closest to the new property line of the seven storey building.  We have visited the site with representatives from Forestry, Parks and Planning to discuss the matter.  Forestry has informed us that trees closest to the property line are not of highly significant value in terms of their health and viability.  We will plant new trees within the park space to help offset for any lost trees in the construction process.  According a geotechnical engineer, the river and bank will not impacted by the development or its construction.

As of February 8, 2017, all subdivision, re-zoning and variances have been approved by the City. We are continuing our ground work with regards to off-site servicing and infrastructure costs as well as detailed site and building design costs. Getting a better handle on this information will allow us to give you precise unit pricing information soon.

The land where the transit corridor may pass through is part of the purchased property, but is at this time being held by the City of Winnipeg in case the decision is made to use this as part of the east rapid transit corridor.  If the City decides that the transit corridor will NOT take this route, the land becomes part of the development.  If this occurs, our plan is allow the area to remain green space.

We are hopeful we can get construction started in the summer of 2017. That being the case, the project would be ready for to start first occupancies in the late fall of 2019.

Apartment style units in the seven storey building (78 total):

  • 790 to 1,260 square feet.

Split-level two-family units (2 total):

  • 900 – 1,000 square feet per unit.

Live-work units (2 total):

  • 900 square feet of residential space.
  • 800 square feet of commercial / retail space.

Units still start around $300,000. Once the final design and cost of construction are known, we will be able to provide detailed price information.

Yes, there will be both underground and surface parking stalls available for purchase at a ratio of 1 stall per unit for resident parking.  There will also be 6 visitor stalls.

Sunstone will hire a professional property management team.

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